The reasons for chronic constipation are versatile. That’s why it requires precise clarification in order to establish the appropriate therapy.

There are generally 2 dysfunctions to be differentiate:

  1. the slow intestinal transit. In this case too much water is extracted from the stool, so that it thickens to clumps which can be emptied by straining. This will weaken the pelvic floor over the years and cause hemorrhoid symptoms.
  2. the outlet obstruction – means a blocked emptying. In this case the mucosa becomes loose and mobile and so blocks the anal canal. Sometime this can lead to a mucosa-prolapse. The patient has to strain even more and so aggravating the problem:
    There are multiple causes to be analysed by a painless examination – rectoscopy – as well as x-ray.
    Be sure, that there is a solution for you.

Both disorders can have multiple causes. A conversation and a painless examination of the straight intestine help to find out the reason. Additional examinations allow for therapy planning. I’ll be glad to devote time to you.

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