As a check-up, or to clarify abdominal disorders, constipation or diarrhea. During the soft enteroscopy the whole large intestine can be observed, which allows for an extensive clarification and a targeted therapy. The endoscopy allows a total inspection of the large bowl.

In order to provide the best examination results, my team will explain the needed preparation.

Colonoscopy – Enteroscopy

We recommend this examination with sedative drugs to keep you in a calm sleep without feeling pain.

The examination allows a clear diagnosis and the possibility of interventions like biopsies or removing polyps up to 1cm. For your safety larger polyps will be removed at the hospital.

My special trained team will take care of you before during and after the examination.

For good examining conditions please follow the instructions, given by my assistance.

For your own safety:
Please tell us about your daily medication, especially anticoagulation treatment, any allergies or if you suffer from heart or pulmonary diseases!


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